Are you interested in announcing your product, device, company, blog or website on Do you want your logo, brand or message to be exposed to a growing community of thousands of readers? Well, you have come to the right place!

In continuance we will let you know the different ways to announce yourself with success with us. We are going to be explaining in detail the different ways you can announce yourself, so you can decide which is the one the fulfills your needs or requirements.


Why Advertise in

As you may have already noticed is a Weblog that hungers for the latest technological innovations, delivering the latest and most recent news on all types of Gadgets, Consumer Electronics, Gizmos, Cellular advances, Hardware, and other technological advances that amaze us. If it has an “ON” button we´ll write about it!.

It is because of this and much more that we are convinced that is an excellent way for you to announce your projects, company, events, blogs or websites with great success. Achieving to have more presence and visibility in Internet, reaching to a public that is interested in the themes previously mentioned. is a growing community that has an intense interest in the latest technology, gadgets, comsuner electronics, Etc. We are a site that is known more and more each day and as a result have thousands of readers. So, if you would like to use our success to promote your product or company, you have come to the right place.

Announcement Options

In continuance we are going to show you the different Announcement options that we offer . Here you are going to be able to choose which one is the one that fulfills your needs the most for your project, logo, brand, product, device, blog or website.


Websites with adult content, gambling content, betting content, casinos or Poker, SMS, medication, illegal material, with only links to various sites, or sites with any type of Spyware, Malware, Malicious software o manipulation techniques or content that is meant to fool anyone. Any site that contains this type of information is not permitted).


Advertise Yourself:

With this system, you will be able to announce your project, company, brand, product, blog or website choosing any of the following banners that we have listed in continuance. These banners are going to be greatly visible ( in the side of the site) and that will include a link directly to your site or any part of your site.

Size of the Banners Available


Button 125 x 125

A button of 125x125px that will appear on the right side of each page of our site and that will include a link directly to your site or any part of your site. You announcement will rotate with each loading of the page, since that will draw more attention to your announcement, and that way your announcement gets regular exposure. Animated and non-Animated buttons are allowed and in the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF or Flash minor to 15K. “ONLY 4 SPACES AVAILABLE”.

The price is a monthly one (31 days) and will count with important discounts if you wish to advertise for more than a month.

Hire 125×125 button!



Rectangles 300×250

Banner of 300x250px that will appear in the most visible part of the page of our site (upper right hand corner and the inferior central part of the posts posted), and that will include a direct link to the site or page you desire. Animated Rectangles and non-animated Rectangles are permitted in the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, or flash inferior to 30K. “ONLY 3 SPACES AVAILABLE”.

The price will be monthly (31 days) and can count with important discounts if you hire the announcement for more than a month.

Hire Rectangles 300×250!


Sponsored Articles

A system that enables you to solicit a complete analysis of your project, product, event, blog, or website, under a neutral, independent and constructive point of view. Highlighting in every moment the best and what is the most attractive part of your products, but not forgetting what could be improved.

The payment is a single one, which means that you only pay once and the analysis will permanently remain as part of the sites content. It will never be erased, it does not matter how much time has passed by. Even if the analysis contains images or direct links to your site.
Examples of Sponsored Articles:

__ Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway Review

Solicit Sponsored Articles!



More Information

If you have finally found the method in which you would like to announce yourself, and you wish to receive more information about the prices, methods of payment and availability of the spaces, you can contact us, please feel free to contact us with no obligation, through the following REQUEST FORM FOR ADVERTISEMENT.

We promise to analyze it and respond to your questions as soon as possible (ASAP).

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