Q-TV2 – Q Acoustics 2.1 HD Sound

Q-TV2 is a set of two speakers and subwoofer that enhanced the sound of your television. TV sound enhancing devices.

If your TV is just not giving you the sound you want then Q Acoustics has something that you are sure to like. Don’t worry it is not something that is going to take up a lot of space and that it is going to to be heavy to carry.  It is called Q-TV2 and it a set of 2 speakers, one of the left side and the other on the right.  While the ultra-flat, vibration-free subwoofer is located behind the TV, completing this outstanding 2.1 system.

Unfortunately the Q-TV2  was not made for all TV’s since it is only for televisions between 30″ – 42″. Other features that you will find are 100w 2.1 Stereo system,Ultra-slim, vibration-free subwoofer, and ‘BMR’ drivers for wide sound dispersion. If you are worried about your TV looking likes it is in the ICU, don’t worry since the Q-TV2 does not have any wires. You will also not have to worry about using another remote because you can very well use your existing remote, 5 is enough, ha.

The Q-TV2 is also a green gadget since it also has Auto standby when not in use (with low power consumption),Auxiliary Input,Connect an iPod or other personal audio player, and Digital ‘Lip-Sync’ adjustment.

The Q-TV2 is now available but Q Acoustics is only making the price known when you actually go to the store and buy it, smells expensive. If they told you the price, you might not go to the store to buy it.

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