Rayman Fiesta Run – Fun Game for iOS, Windows and Android

Play Rayman Fiesta Run and see how the day passes you by playing such a fun game.

If you played and enjoyed Rayman Jungle Run then you are definitely going to love Rayman Fiesta Run. With this fun app you can party all night and enjoy more than 75 levels of P-A-R-T-Y! You will have to bounce on sausages and get through 4 new festive worlds and you will also have to beat all 3 new epic bosses to get to the dreaded Land of the Livid Dead Island. Remember to pick up the lums if you want to get great rewards and power ups.

In Rayman Fiesta Run, he gets new powers since he can now slide, shrink, swim on the fly into a tiny hero, add this to his previous powers of jumping, punching, flying and running up the walls. There are new traps to avoid and and fiercer enemies to defeat but there will also be great graphics to enjoy. Since we live in the social era, you will also be able to share your activities on Facebook and follow your friends on the world map. The game is available in a large variety of languages and it is only going to set you back US$0.99.

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