Recipe and Meal Planner Apps for This Holiday Season

Download these easy to use recipe organizer´s and have everything under control.

It is that time of the year again where things get a little crazier than usual. There are just so many things to do and organizing the Christmas dinner is one of them. But, with these recipe organizer apps and software, you should have everything under control.


  1. Paprika Recipe Manager



With Paprika, you can have all the recipes you find online perfectly organized. Paprika is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook Color.

Paprika helps you organize meal plans, recipes and allows you even create a grocery list. To save a recipe you found online, you need to use the meal manager´s built-in browser, and you´re set.

By using Paprika´s free cloud service, you can access your saved recipes from any device, and you even have interactive recipes. With the Interactive Recipes, you can track your progress and cross off the ingredients you have already used. It also lets you highlight the step you are currently on, so you don´t waste time looking.

Paprika also features some very useful tools to help you cook, tools such as timers that are automagically detected in the steps: just tap it to begin.

Then there are pin active recipes so you can easily switch between them while you cook. Finally, you can also automatically scale ingredients to the size you want.

Another great feature Paprika has to offer is the Monthly Meal Planning. Knowing what you are going to cook for a month, saves you a lot of time. You can also design reusable menus from your favorite meals.

2. ChefTap Recipe Organizer


ChefTap Recipe Organizer is an app that you will help you have everything under control this holiday season. The features that this recipe app has to offer include:

  • Sharing a Pinterest pinboard with ChefTap clips
  • Automatically import your recipe box from Epicurious or
  • Offline access to your clipped recipes
  • Clip Recipes from any site
  • Adjustable text size
  • Save images of recipes from a site or add your own
  • Scan bookmarks for recipes and clip them
  • Create your tags
  • Organize recipes by new recipes, favorites, recently prepared, alphabetically or recently viewed.
  • Compatible with every tablet size
  • Edit any recipe
  • Clip 50 recipes with no account, 100 with free account and unlimited with ChefTap Pro

3. BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List for iOS



With BigOven Recipes and Grocery List for iOS, you can choose from over 350,000 recipes in order to make the perfect meal. You can also create a grocery list and use the menu planner. Need a recipe for a certain occasion? The app makes choose a meal easier since they are organized by holiday, season, course, diet, lifestyle and more.

With this recipe app for iOS, you can also store all of your recipes and add your own creations. Do you have leftovers and have no idea what to make with them? Just type in what you have and the app will give you good ideas of what you can make.

With these recipes and meal planning apps, you will have everything under control, not only for the holiday season but afterward.

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