How to Recover Erased WhatsApp Messages

We´ll show you How to Recover Eliminated Whats App Messages.

Whether you Erased or Eliminated your WhatsApp messages by accident or on purpose, there is a way to recover your erased WhatsApp messages, so you can re-read them if that is what you want to do with them.

This simple method allows us recover the eliminated WhatsApp messages, is possible thanks to the automatic copies that the App makes of our conversations. These conversations are stores in our smartphone´s memory and now I will show you how to get them back.


how to recuperate eliminated whatsApp messages



Steps to Recuperate Eliminated Messages from WhatsApp

1. The first step is to go tothe file explorer of the phone (if you don´t have one you can easily download on on Google Play), and she we then go to Sdcard>WhatsApp>Database.

2. Once inside, we will see the different saved conversations with names similar to: msgstore-AAAA-MM-DD.1.db.crypt, where the AAAA will be the year, MM the month and DD  the day. This will make it a lot easier to recuperate all the messages we want. Once we have found the file we want, we only have to change the name to msgstore.db.crypt.

3. Finally, the final step that will allow us to recuperate the erased messages is being able to access Configuration>Aplicactions>Administrate aplications>WhatsApp and now clock on ¨erase data¨.

That is all there is to it, if you want to recuperate your erased WhatsApp messages. We have the automatic backups that the app automatically makes.

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