Reddx App Coming to XBox One

Reddit will soon be available on XBox One thanks to the Reddx app.

A new app is always a good thing since it usually means a new service and that is exactly what XBox One players are going to enjoy. If you use Reddit, you will be happy to know that it is going to be available on XBox One very soon in Canada and the US.


Reddx App Coming to XBox One


Thanks to the Reddx app users will have a similar Reddit experience on their XBox One and the app can be snapped on the side of the TV and that way you know what is going on on the site while you play.

Players also get a customized main page and they can also browse through subreddits. Reddx also allows users to zoom in and out of images and text besides being able to read text and checking out videos GIFs, and images.



Gmaers can also comment with their XBox One controller, XBox SmartGlass or media remote and it also allows them to downvote or upvote a thread with the touch of a button.

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