Release Date for Verizon on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Verizon tells the world when they are going to be offering the tablet and for how much.

Its about time we knew when we could finally get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Verizon is going to be selling the Galaxy Tab without a data plan and therefor the tablet with sell at its full retail price. If you want after the purchase of the tablet you can get a $20, 1GB monthly plan. Don’t worry the US$20 is a month to month just like the iPad.

November 11th is the big day when Verizon is going to offer the Galaxy and it is sure enough going to be on everyones X-Mas wish list. If you don’t think that US$600 is a lot then it is sure going to sell like hot cakes. If it does then I am not to sure Mr.Jobs is going to be to happy. So, do you think that it is something you  might get for yourself or for someone else.

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