Reported Flash Playback Issues on Apples New 27-inch iMacs

27 Inch iMac users have reported trouble with the Flash Playback on the iMacs. Flash Playback could be leopard related.

Looks like Apple is having yet again another problem and this time it is with  their new 27 Inch Mac and this time users are not to happy with the issues they are getting on their Flash Playback. User are experiencing stuttering when playing back Flash content on Apple’s new desktop system. Any content that you may have in your iMac that is Flash-based content is going to make the video you are looking at choppy.

One may be asking themselves O.K we know what the problem is but, What is causing this problem? Apple is not too sure but it could be either the Flash player software, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, or the computer’s hardware. Could the problem be feline related, well A number of users noted that running Flash videos in Windows 7 via Boot Camp allowed playback with no slowdowns, suggesting the problem could be Snow Leopard related.

If you are one of many people having this problem, and want at least a temporary solution , you can try what other have already tried, that is installing the ClickToFlash plugin to prevent default loading of Flash content on Web sites, and render it through HTML5. The issue was addressed by Apple with the release of Mac OS X 10.6.1, less than two weeks after the launch of Snow Leopard.

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