Reserve Strap for Apple Watch

Give your Apple Watch over 20 hours of extra power with this Apple accessory.

There are still some countries that still don´t have the Apple Watch, but sooner or later everyone will be able to enjoy it. We all know what happens when we get a new tech toy, we just can´t stop using it and then the battery dies out on us from using it too much. That has probably happened to you more than once, but what if the next time it happens you don´t have the time to charge it?

That is where the Reserve Strap comes in and gives you that extra power you Apple Watch so desperately needs. With this accessory you will be able to enjoy 30 hours of extra power on the go. It is made out of a silicone rubber that has 3 lithium polymer cells that are hidden in the clasp area. There will come a time where you will needs to charge the Reserve Strap and when that time comes you can charge it through microUSB. The LED charge indicator will let you know how the charging process is going.

The only downside to this Apple Watch accessory is the price, since it has a price tag of $249. You can get the Reserve Strap in either grey, white or black and in either 38mm or 42mm sizes.

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