Retrica – Selfie App for Android

Need another Selfie app? In that case install Retrica and enjoy the 80 photo filters that Android app has to offer.

Back in the day, if one were to take too many selfies, everyone would think that we were conceited but now it is more about gather memories than thinking too highly of ourselves. If you feel that you just can´t enough of selfies here is another selfie app that might interest you.


Retrica - Selfie App for Android


This selfie app is available now at Google Play and if you decide to get it, you will enjoy the 80 real time filters (25 with Pro Upgrade). Other feature that you can use with this Selfie app for Android is vignette, self timer, out of focus blur, selectable borders and photo booth with various layouts (22 collages).


Retrica - Selfie App for Android


You can also use the 14 Retrica logos but you also have the option of leaving them out if you want.

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