Reverso – Check Your Spelling and Grammar On-Line for Free

Check Your Grammar and Spelling On-Line for free with Reverso.

English is a crazy language with a lot of exceptions that will drive anyone who is learning the language crazy. Only after quite a few years of practice with someone start to really understand the language. Until that happens those learning the language or even native English speakers, will want to know where they can find apps that will correct their English grammar and for free.

Reverso - Check our Speeling and Grammar On-

If you do not feel like paying for grammar correcting apps, I am happy to inform you that you don´t have to since Reverso can not only check your grammar for free but it also offers you a free Online dictionary,  Synonyms, Translation, Conjugation and the obvious grammar correcting feature. You can enjoy all these tools for free without having to pay a monthly fee.

Another feature that I personally liked is that you can either choose Reverso to check your grammar in American English or UK English. There are no limits as to how many times you can check your spelling for free. It looks like Reverso is only available in two languages, English and French but hopefully we will see more languages soon.

It may not have the best features for this type of service but the only thing that matters to you is to know if what you have spelled is correct, this is your app. If you decide to try, don´t forget to let us know what you think about it.

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