Riots at a Samsung Factory in Vietnam

Workers riot at a Samsung factory in Vietnam that leaves 13 injured.

When workers are unhappy, they usually go on strike but that is obviously not the case here since workers have started a riot that has resulted in 13 people injured. What is known so far is that violence broke out between local construction workers and security guards in the northern province of Thai Nguyen.

Disturbios en Fabrica de Samsung en Vietnam

The 13 people that were injured are 11 factory guards and two police officers. The reason that the violence broke out was because a security guard beat a worker who had arrived late when he tried to enter the factory. Hundreds of workers threw bricks and rocks at the guards and then set fire to the containers that were being used as offices.

Samsung has said that they are going to do whatever is necessary in order to prevent this type of incidents and that the construction work in the area was not affected. These type of incidents are rare but obviously happen and Samsung is not the only company that has a manufacturing base there since Intel and Nokia also have one.

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