Rise & Shine Wake Up and Color Changing Light

Throw out those noisy alarm clocks and decorate your night stand with the Rise & Shine Wake Up and Color Changing Light.

There are quite a few difficult things we all have to do and getting up in the morning is definitely one of them. Many us desire to be able to sleep in late the next morning but since responsibility is a calling, we have no choice but to get up. So, since there is no choice but to just get up, how we wake up is something that is very important since it is going to determine is we are going to walk out that door in a good or bad mood.

With the Rise & Shine Wake Up and Color Changing Light (available at brookestone for US$99.99), you are going to enjoy 15 levels of brightness so when it is time to go to sleep. the light can dim, as if you were watching a sunset. Since there is no sunset without color, you are also going to see up to 250 colors. It also feature FM Radio, you can wake up to beeps, and you will also be able to use the dual alarm feature, so if you and your significant other have to get up at different times.

The downside t o the light is that it only has 5 nature sounds to choose from, it would have been a lot better if it would have had at least 20. But you have to admit that the design is elegant and attractive, so besides having a device that will gradually wake you up, you will have something that will definitely decorate your bedroom.

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