Rockstar Releases Update in Order to Fix 7 Major GTA 5 Glitches

Good news for Grand Theft Auto 5 players since Rockstar  has released an update that fixes 7 major glitches.

When GTA 5 was finally available OnLine, there were obviously millions of players that just couldn´t wait to play but when they finally got the chance, they only found themselves with problems. It´s true that Rockstar warned us about them but the happiness of finally being able to play was so strong that we totally forgot about the warning and found ourselves annoyed and with a game full of glitches. Good thing that Rockstar released an update that has fixed seven major glitches.

Grand Theft Auto 5_1

Players won´t have to worry about disappearing cards since that glitch has been fixed and there has also been a fix for the interface issues when one would use the Internet on their phones after finishing a game or during a mission replay. There has also been a fix for the locked Vanilla Unicorn, fix for character money dropping below zero and remaining there, fix for not seeing the Atomic Blimp as a phone contact for Collector´s Edition Owners, fix for Epsilon Program Mission improperly processing the delivery of a car, fix for cars losing their upgrades or going missing and there is also a fix for several map escape and collision issues along with other car bug fixes.

There are obviously more glitches to fix and you can bet that Rockstar is working on a fix for every single problems players are experiencing. Looks like we will just have to be patient and wait for the next update.

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