Rockstar Releases Yet Another Update for Grand Theft Auto 5 OnLine

Rockstar has released two updates in two days and they will continue to release them until the game runs smoothly.

Rockstar is working around the clock in order fix everything that needs fixing but they still have a long way to go. So far they have done a great job releasing two updates in two days, so you can bet that coffee over there runs like water. The game went OnLine on Tuesday and two days later quite a large number of bugs have been fixed. The problems that limited the number of concurrent users allowed onto servers on the PS3 version has been fixed but Rockstar is still trying to fix the bug that does not allow players from progressing beyond the tutorial sequence.

Grand Theft Auto 5_1

Since the game is till unstable, Rockstar has disabled the option to buy in-game currency with real money. This feature was a controversial one but was still added and it is the first time a feature like this has been added. This does not mean that players are not going to be able to earn cash by pulling off jobs because they will. Some players have shown how upset they are with the existing bugs but there are others that understand that it is no easy task to manage a game where there are millions of players and are waiting patiently for the upcoming fixes.

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