Roll-a-Word – Fun and Addictive Word Game

If you had fun with LETRIS, you are definitely going to have fun with Roll-a-Word where you will have to think quick in order to defeat your opponent.

You may have already installed quite a few games in your smartphone but you might want to make room for one more. Roll-a-Word is a word game that consists of 5 rounds where two ships compete against each other and you have to come up with words using only 6 letters. When you come up with a word you will see how your ships moves faster, as you can see the game is simple but it can get really addictive. It is also a split screen game and that means that you and a friend can play at the same time and compete against each other. You and your friend can even compete in a special tournament where the first one to win 3 times wins!

Before you start each round you will need to choose what power you want to remain available during the race. You can either choose a Gold Ball and every time you create a word with this golden ball you ship gets a little extra boost. You can also choose the Bomb, with this power your opponents ship will be caught in flames and it will not move until the fire is out. Finally you can choose the Inspiration, with this the longest possible word will automatically be formed.

It is not just another word game since you will also have to administrate the coins you will be getting every time you pass a level. You can use these coins to improve your ship, sign up for more advanced tournament and even get extra powers. So, you will have to think very carefully where you use your coins because if you don´t you will not have enough coins to participate in more advanced tournaments. The game is free for Android and iOS and it is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan and Portuguese.

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