Roll Pad Laptop Stand

The Roll Pad Laptop Stand is one laptop accessory you might want to have on your Christmas List this year since it is a great portable laptop stand.

Some people just don’t care but other just don’t feel to comfortable putting their laptop on a table in which who knows what was put on there before they got there. Now with the whole Swine Flu thing people are becoming more health cautious. If you are those that just don’t want to put their laptop over any surface then you have the Roll Pad Laptop Stand. It can perfectly hold your laptop and as you can see keeps it from touching the table or any other surface.

The Roll Pad Laptop Stand is made of thirty aluminum slats connected with silicon rubber, offers variable height and position adjustment, easy storage, and also helps keep your precious Asus cool. With the Roll Pad Laptop Stand you are not going to have to worry about scratching the surfaces you put it on since the silicon rubber feet won’t scratch and grip most surfaces, so sliding around isn’t an issue either. Looks like a great accessory to carry around with you and looking at what date it is it might also be a good side gift. If you would like to have the Roll Pad Laptop Stand then it can be all your for $66.80 (45.00€) at

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