Rugged Weather Resistent Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Good Bye cables when needing to charge your bluetooth speaker but as long as you have this particular speaker.

Lets face it, if a speaker has a cables attached to it, it suddenly becomes less attractive.  When it comes to certain things we have no choice but to have to deal with cables but it would be better if we didn´t. At least with the Rugged Weather Resistant Solar Bluetooth Speaker, we won´t have to deal with the hassles that cables bring us since it is obviously cables free. With this wireless portable speaker you will be able to stream your favorite tunes without having to worry about getting water on it.

Rugged Weather Resistent Solar Bluetooth Speaker1

You´ll be able to take it poolside and even splash some water on it and you will see that it will just keep on ticking. As you can see that the design is not bad at all and it is available right now at The Sharper Image and it is only going to set you back US$99.99. If you plane to take the speaker to the beach, for example, remember that you are going to have to charge it for 5 hours if you want to enjoy the 8 hours of playtime that it offers. During the day you can listen to your favorite tunes thanks to the energy generated by the solar panel it has on top and when it gets dark out, it will use the lithium battery.

Rugged Weather Resistent Solar Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker also features a micro USB cable for continual use with a smartphone charger. One more thing to remember is that the bluetooth speaker is not waterproof, but water resistant that is a completely different story.So you won´t time charging an already charged speaker, you can just take a look at the battery charge indicator so you know when it is all charged up. This is just on of many options we have when it comes to bluetooth speakers but this one is not bad at all.

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