Rumor: Nokia N920 – Nokia N900 Successor

Get specs on the rumored  successor of the Nokia N900, The Nokia N920.

I think we all know that in the technology world if you by something today by tomorrow it may be out of date, well you know what I mean.  Soon to be available is the Nokia N900 but rumor shave it that Nokia is already working on its successor the Nokia N920, and that its first photo has already been leaked. I don´t know what they try to hide thing from us, we are going to to find out anyway.

The Nokia N920 appears to be running Diablo, with Maemo 6 a strong possibility to be the OS of choice sometime next year. Other features include a 4.13-inch capacitive, multitouch screen and on-screen keyboard. Don´t be surprised if you barely see any differences between the N900 and the N920. As Nokia starts squealing so will we.

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