Rumor That Apple is Working on a New iPad with Front Facing Camera

There are rumors in the air of an improved iPad with front facing camera, could it be true?

With these new rumors, one understands why there some people that were advising everyone to hold back on buying the fist iPad since they knew that better models were coming soon. But, if you don’t have any money issues and can afford to but the models as they come out then go for it. Your Mission? To be the first to buy the new iPad if the rumors end up being true.

Rumors have it that Apple is working on an iPad with a front-facing camera and support for FaceTime. This is obviously a surprise since hearing about a new model is something we usually hear a little later down the road but if this rumor is true then the new iPad is obviously welcome.

I sure hope that it is true but I know that people who went and purchased the first iPad and will probably can’t afford to get themselves the new one will probably be kicking themselves for nor waiting. I would be.

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