Rumors: Samsung Gloria Tablet

Rumors have that Samsung has in the works another tablet with the possible name Gloria.

If rumors turn out to be true then looks like Samsing is not settling down with the Galaxy Tab and might have a bun in the oven with the possible name being Gloria. Can’t help but think of the Van Morrisson song with the same name but I’m sure it happens to a lot of people. Ladies and gentleman, we could be looking at the tablet with a 10 Inch display and running on Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS with a customized user interface that sits on top.

Something else we can expect for the Samsung Gloria Tablet is a horizontal-sliding physical QWERTY keyboard but this might not be something people might want and would rather stick to the on-screen keyboard. For the time being nothing has been confirmed, including the image but I guess time will tell as to see what was true and what was not. We could even be looking at a possible Match or April release but lets just hope more info leaks and our curiosity is satisfied.

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