Russia Gives Snowden Political Asylum for 1 Year

1 year is better than nothing, that was the amount of time Russia has given Snowden Political asylum.

Edward Snowden has finally left the Russian airport where he has been living for about a year now. After a while of waiting and wondering if he was going to be granted asylum or not, he was finally given asylum but for only one year and who knows what will happen after that. Snowden left the airport around 2pm local time and but he was escorted from the airport in such a way that even the media did not even notice him exiting the airport.

No onw knows where Snowden is and for security reasons they are not going to reveal where he is or where he plans on going. US Attorney General Eric Holder has made it clear that if Snowden where to be extradited he would not face the death penalty but even with that assurance Russian has not intentions of handing him over. Snowden was given the one year asylum under the conditions that he stop with the leaks, something he obviously agreed to do.

Russia Gives Snowden Political Asylum for 1 Year

This is definitely going to make the political relationship between the US and Russia a lot more unstable but Russia obviously is not afraid of any possible consequences from the US if they granted Snowden political asylum. Obama is set to visit Russian in September and as of this moment there is nothing that indicates that he is going to cancel his trip but it is almost 100% sure that Obama is going to bring the subject up in his trip and try to get Russia to hand over Snowden.

Snowden´s future was uncertain until today but now we know that he will be safe for sure for at least a year. Time will tell if we will hear news about Snowden while he is in Russian but something tells me that we will definitely hear something. Do you think it was right for Russia to offer political asylum to Snowden?

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