S. W. A. T. (CBS): First impressions

For many the name Shawn Ryan should not mean much of anything, but for those who do not let pass any major series in the Golden Era of television (1999 – 2013), certainly if faced with the masterpiece, The Shield, the first drama series from channel FX , and that changed the entire perspective of everything that came after it on cable TV.

And that in addition to being the only series that can actually be placed the height of The Wire in the detective genre, it was the series that paved the way for Breaking Bad, sons of Anarchy, Mad Men and so many others.

Soon, see that Shawn Ryan was returning to do more of a cop series, it was a reason of euphoria, and anxiety, but unfortunately, the result here isn’t exactly to the level expected.

S. W. A. T. (2017), is a remake of the 2003 film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell, which in turn is also a remake, of the series of the eponymous name. there 1975, and it has done very successfully in the lands of the tupiniquin to have been transmitted by the Globe in the decade of 80, and internationally was marked by its iconic theme music.

As well, as well as most of the hundreds of remakes that are coming out lately,and the S. W. A. T. is more a series generic in the midst of so many others, and the chances of having a long life are low, based on low audience that he presented in his debut.

I say this because in your first 42min, we are introduced to a jumble of characters without charisms, which are constructed on the basis of clichés, and that on top of that, it follows the rule imposed and forced each and every day that passes, have an ethnic representation for each character.

This issue, that we could even say that fortunately is not only out there, but that is worked out/discussed (almost blindly) between the characters within the whole of the first episode, with the intention of making us ask ourselves about the real problems of today, but that in the end turns out to sound too tiring and for the account of the “maquiada” that the series needs to have about the conflicts, since it is open TV, it is sounding like a screenplay lazy, stupid, and even unilateral, on the subject.

Not only is this much exaggerated phrases and situations of the effects, the action is the hollywood blockbuster too, and I mean this in the bad meaning of the word. Shots to all sides that do not hit anyone, the persecutions, where flies the car to one side, threats here and that in the end ends everything between the conforming protocol already beat always.

S. W. A. T. is not enough to be a disaster, but not have too much to offer without being that 1h weekly unrestrained action worthy for the moments of switch off the brain and relax

S. W. A. T. is not enough to be bad, but also not able to thrills and not give a prognosis which will improve in their next 7 episodes. Perhaps this is the point at which will handle a lot of the people following watching the series, the short season, and that might surprise you in the future with a plot more linear and not procedural.

It can be sad to see that the mind behind The Shield returned to the scene the police the television with a quality product so dubious and even brought the talented Justin Lin to command it.

Screenplay: Shawn Ryan, and Aaron Rahsaan Thomas
Direction: Justin Lin
Cast: Shemar Moore, Kenny Johnson, Alex Russell, Stephanie Sigman, Lina Esco, Peter Onorati…