Samsung Chrono – Easy to Use Cell Phone

The Samsung Chrono is an easy to use cell phone for the elderly and kids. Clamshell cell phone you can get for free.

If you are looking for a cell phone and an easy to use model the how about the Samsung Chrono. It is a cell phone and only a cell phone since doesn’t have all the features you would find in a smartphone. The easy to use Samsung Chrono is a great cell phone for kids or the elderly since it only has the basic things for a cell phone. As you can see that there is not much to mention about the design since it is as simple as it can get with a small external display. Great cell phone for those who just want a handset, for the basics.

On the inside you are going to find another display but this screen is about 2 Inches big and has a resolution of QVGA (240 x 320). Other basic specifications for the Samsung Chrono are 512 MB of internal storage, a VGA camera, Bluetooth, ringtones, contacts, wallpapers, and text messages. If you are not into contracts then the Samsung Chrono has a price tag of US$19.99 or free if you are willing to commit.

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