Samsung Employee Arrested for Allegedly Giving Confidencial Information to the Competition

40 year old unnamed women allegedly tries to steal confidential information from Samsung and may have already given it to the competition.

Someone is sure facing some serious jail time and if convicted, well deserved. We all know that these kind of things happen but never hear about and only see it in movies like Mission Impossible. One 40 year old Samsung employee was not very smart nor honest and has been accused of transferring confidential information onto her laptop last month and was planning on giving it to a rival of Samsung.

This unnamed woman was caught in time with Samsung’s company’s technology development plan for 2011 and good thing that authorities were tipped off of the incident. One would ask themselves what the women was going to get in return, well, from what is known the woman was going to get a job offer from the rival company. That’s it? To put yourself on the line like that you think that she would have asked for a large amount of money or something like that. The woman was a little mad at Samsung since she was going to be fired and I guess wanted to get back at the company but for now it is only allegedly but the possibility that the woman had already given the other company the informations is being looked into.

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