Samsung files ITC complaint against Apple

Samsung and Apple keep on fighting and Samsung has swung by complaining to the ITC in order to ban Apple products.

I think by this point in time we are all familiar with the ugly battle going ton with Apple and Samsung. First Apple gets to see Samsung’s unreleased products but Samsung doesn’t get to see anything. Then there are rumors that Apple is going to hire someone else for their A6 processor chip in 2012 and now this. Samsung has filed a complaint against Apple with the ITC, asking that Apple be blocked from importing its iOS devices, and that includes the iPhone.

Apple VS Samsung

The ITC is obviously going to investigate but the answer to Samsung’s complaint is not goin to comes as soon as they would like. Since the ITC has already made it clear that they are going to have a response in 16 to 18 Months to Samsung request of an important against the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Samsung asserts five patents in its ITC complaint but Apple has not yet files a complaint against Samsung but time will tell if filing such a complaint is worth their time and money.

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