Samsung Fingers – The Most Technological Glove Ever

Samsung is the first company ever to launch this type of technology ever, the Samsung Fingers.

If you are absolutely obsessed with wearable technology then you will probably sell everything you have in order to buy this. Meet the Samsung Fingers, it is the first glove of its kind since it is able to do things no glove is able to do. One of the features that you are going to love is called Talk to he Hand. Lets say that you are too busy to talk to someone else that needs to talk to you, the person can literally talk to your Samsng Fingers and the glove will record what the other person has to say so you can hear it later.

Another useful feature is called Palm-Rec, with this feature the Samsung Fingers is able to recognize what it is thanks to the sensors and the sensitive Emo-Led display. The Samsung Fingers will also give you a full report as to the object that it has detected. Thanks to the ThermoPad you can also help  a certain product maintain its temperature such as sodas. So you never have to drink a hot coke on a hot day.

Lets say that you are just too tired to call a family member from the kitchen, just use the Voice and Snap AMP features and Samsung Finger will increase the volume of you voice so you only have to make the tiniest effort. This is also a earth friendly glove since Samsung Fingers only needs solar power to charge itself, so remember to point the palm of your hand towards the sun.

You will need to learn the following gestures if you want to either accept, make or reject a call:

Samsung Fingers also has its funny side since it has a feature called Pull my Finger. When you pull the finger the Samsung Fingers will make a farting sound to humor us all. You will be able to choose between 3 types of models such as the Samsung Fingers, Samsung Fingers Tough and Samsung Fingers Class. Too bad that we are never going to see this glove since this is all part of a joke Samsung has played on all of us for April Fools Day.

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