Samsung Galaxy 10 Inch Tab – New Price and Parts

Samsung to reconsider price and certain parts of their upcoming Galaxy Tab 2.

We all know that Apple is powerful and so much that it is even able to make other manufacturers such as Samsung to reconsider some things that have to do with their 10 Inch Galaxy tab. Samsung did not expect Apple to make their iPad 2 so thin that they are going to change what Samsung calls some inadequate parts. Samsung knows that you have to make your tablet quite attractive if you want to compete with Apples iPad 2 and that is exactly what they want to do.

Samsung probably did count on Apple keeping the same price for their iPad 2 which obviously is going to make Samsung reconsider their Galaxy Tab price. It was priced an 700€ in Portugal which is about US$980.

“The 10-inch [tablet] was to be priced higher than the seven-inch but we will have to think that over,” AFP cites Lee Don-Joo, executive VP of Samsung mobile.

I think that is says a lot about a company that admits that they have to make some improvements in order to give their customers the best. Samsung has not said anything on the release date, I mean if the changes will affect the release date.

Update: Samsung has confirmed that there will be no delay due to the changes and that they will not make the Galaxy Tab 2 thinner in order to compete with the iPad 2.

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