Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Flaws Reported

Samsung criticized Apple for Bendgate and now they have their own flaw to worry about.

When the Whole iPhone 6 Bendgate thing happened, Samsung didn´t waste time in letting Apple know what they thought of the whole thing. Some say its Karma while others think it is just plain irresponsibility. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already launched in South Korea and people over there have not wasted time in letting the world know the cons to this phablet.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Vale la Pena Comprarlo3


The problem is really easy to identify when you first look at the picture and Samsung has already said that they are working on a fix. The gap between the chassis and the display is so big that users can insert a small business card,….yeah…that shouldn´t happen. Samsung hopes that by the time the international phablets are set to be released the problem should be fixed.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Flaws Reported


The Note 4 should be launched on October 17th and lets hope that this issue is not so big that the launch date is pulled back.

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