Samsung Galaxy Q Smartphone – IFA 2011

In September when IFA 2011 comes around Samsung has a new smartphone to sow off, the Galaxy Q smartphone.

Samsung is on a roll since they just keeping throwing smartphone at when we haven’t even finished with the previous one, but that’s OK. This time we have the Samsung Galaxy Q Smartphone. This smrtphone is going to be presented officially in IFA 2011 in Berlin, that is going to take place from September 2nd to the 7th. At least know what specs the Galaxy Q smartphone is going to be featuring.


Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Q

When the Galaxy Q smartphone finally becomes available we are going to enjoy its 5.3-inch touchscreen display,Super AMOLED Plus technology, 1.5GHz dual-core processor paired with 3G and 4G LTE connectivity. Obviuosly they are not a lot of specs available just yet but it makes sense since if they revealed everything now, there wouldn’t much to say when IFA 2011 came along. Hopefully more specs will leak as time passes.

Price and Availability for the Samsung Galaxy Q Smartphone

Lets just cross our fingers that the price for the Galaxy Q is a reasonable one and that manufacturers don’t take advantage, well, at least that much. Since IFA 2011 is in September a good release date for the Galaxy Q would be by the end of the year. We will find out everything in IFA 2011.

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