Samsung Galaxy S III to Launch Next Month [Rumor]

Latest rumors on the presentation and possible launch of the upcoming an much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone.

We just love hearing about smartphone rumors since most of the time they end up being true and we sure hope that this one does. If you just lived the Galaxy S II then you are probably waiting for the release of the Galaxy S III but if the rumor is true then you are not going to have to wait to long.

ZDNet’s Korean arm is reporting that the Galaxy S II smartphone, will be launched this month and be available for purchase in April. ZDNet says that marketing companies used by Samsung in various parts of the world are preparing themselves for something big this month. An event where the Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to be announced. Samsung supposedly want the launch to coincide with the 2012 Summer Olympics since they plan to market the Galaxy S III heavily during the sporting event, so it will need to release it a few months ahead of the start of the Olympics.


Samsung has already said that the information is not official and would not say anything more but we are expecting a Galaxy S III event soon so this information could very well be.

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