Samsung Glyde U940 Touchscreen Cell phone

Get an easy to use and cheap smartphone by Samsung with their model the Samsung Glyde U940.

Sometimes what you are looking for in a handset is not always in the new models but in the older one that are just waiting for you to remember them. Take the Samsung Glyde U940 Touchscreen Cell phone for example that is available now and unlocked. You can get it at for US$56.34. This phone is great for those who just need to have a handset to stay in communication with family and friends but still want to enjoy a smartphone.

The smartphone features a display of 2.8 Inches, 2MP cam, slide-put QWERTY Keyboard, GPS, bluetooth, MicroSD slot, max memory up to 8GB, 3.5 hrs talk time, 250 hrs of tandby, and a 3.5.. audio jack. As you can see it doesn’t have the latest specs in the business but there are people that are looking for just that since they want their cell phone as simple as possible.

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