Samsung Smart TVs Get Skype 4.0 with Free Group Calling

The 2014 Samsung Smart TVs with built-in cameras, finally get Skype 4.0.

If you own a Samsung SmartTV you will definitely be happy to know that Microsoft has just announced a new version of Skype. Microsoft and Samsung have been working together to bring an improved experience to the Samsung HU900 line of Ultra HD 2014 curved smart TVs.


Samsung smartTV Skype 4.0


With the new version you will notice support for Full HD Video calls and improvements to video compression. The Full HD video calls will require an Internet connection of at least 1Mbps symmetrical bandwidth, but if you will be using group video calling they recommend at least 2Mbps download and 512Kbps upload.


Samsung Smart TVs Skype 4.0


Another piece of good news is that all the 2014 Samsung Smart TV models that have a built in camera can now enjoy 3 party free group calling. With this new feature you will have to share you screen and it will end up looking like the image above.

You should be getting the Skype 4.0 update through an automatic firmware update, but you can do it manually if you want. You just have to press the Menu button that is on your remote, the select support> Software Update and finally press Select Update now.

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