Samsung Stops Selling Galaxy Tabs and Apple is Involved in the Decision

Samsung has agreed to stop selling their Australian version of the Galaxy Tab, but why?

We are all familiar with the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung and their endless lawsuits. For now there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight but who know what the future brings. The latest  in the war between these two giants is that Samsung has agreed to stop selling the tablet their tablet while the whole iPad 2 patent infringement.

Samsung has only agreed to stop sales until August 29th and if the judge rules in Samsung’s favor, Apple has agreed to pay Samsung for the loses for the month in question. But, if things go Apple’s way then Samsung may have to pay royalties to Apple or risk a permanent Australian ban on the Galaxy Tab. According to Apple, Samsung is violating 10 patents and that Samsung copied the “look and feel” of the tablet.

Samsung says that the Australian version of the tablet is different from the US version thus it is not in violation of anything. If Samsung loses the battle it will mean a huge loss for Samsung since it is going to be forced to pull a large amount of it devices off store shelves. Will this ever end?


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