Samsung Transparent and Flexible Tablet [Concept]

Samsung shows off a video of their (hioefully) upcoming tablet with a flexible AMOLED Display.

Don’t you just fill up with envy when you see that fantastic technology they use for example on CSI:Miami. Just wishing that you could have that technology at home, now! Who knows how long we are going to have to wait but that has not kept Samsung from dreaming as well as they posted this video showing what they hope they will be able to offer their customers in the future.

The sooner the better but for now it is only a concept tablet where ( as you will see in the video) offer some amazing features, and just might be enough for everyone to say,” iPad what?”. As you can see or will be able to see in the video, the tablet is transparent, can be bended and twisted and keep on going. This is one concept that definitely has a chance of becoming reality since Samsung bought Liquivista a company specializing in the kind of clear, uber-bendy displays you’re seeing above.

A Samsung rep stated that the concept is its early stages so we can easily guess that will be years before we can see this in your local Best Buy.

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