Sanyo CY-SPL226 Power-Assisted Bike

Sanyo presents their improved power assisted bikes, the the 26-inch “CY-SPL226” and the 24-inch “CY-SPL224”.

So you have been thinking about buying a bike, but have been putting it off because of those hills you just can’t seem to get out of your head. Its understandable, one only has energy for a certain distance and you rather take the car instead of being stranded on the sidewalk due to lack of energy. If you are willing to spend a pretty penny then you can get yourself a power assisted bike, just like the one Sanyo has presented.

This power assisted bike from Sanyo can travel 1.5x Longer and can also generate energy with its motor and then store it in a lithium-ion battery even when running on a level ground. Thanks to the “eco charging mode,” you are able to travel 53% more than the “power mode”. There are two bike;s to choose from, you can either get yourself the the 26-inch “CY-SPL226” and the 24-inch “CY-SPL224” at a price of ¥157,290 (US$1,778) April 21, 2010. You are probably thinking, why is it so great that they generate energy at ground level, why is that so great?”. This is good news considering that the previous model that Sanyo has made, only generated energy when the brake is applied and when they are running down a hill.

Another thing that makes this bike great is that when generating energy on ground level, you are not going to have to suffer with extremely stiff pedals. What makes this bike different from the others is that it monitors the running condition and determines the timing of regeneration in milliseconds to minimize the burden on the rider

So staggering is not a problem for you, The regeneration is going to start 5 seconds after you take off and the minimum speed is of 7km/h or faster. The assistance is not only in steep hills, you also get some assistance when you are still and start pedaling, 7km/h or faster.

Another good feature that you are to enjoy is the “Power Reserve”, what this feature does is that it notifies you when you are low on energy and need to fill up the juice. When the battery life reaches about 1Ah, the motor-assisted running temporarily stops.

Then, if the power button is kept down for some time, it becomes possible to use the 1Ah (equivalent to 6km in the eco charging mode).

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