Save – New Bookmarking Feature from Facebook

Facebook introduces new bookmarking feature called Save in order to save content to read later on.

Don´t you just hate it when you are in a hurry and about to close your Facebook account and then you spot it, something you actually want to read but can´t. Now, instead of saving it to other bookmarking services, you can save that content right there on Facebook thanks to the new Save feature.


Save - New Bookmarking Feature from Facebook


Facebook users will be able to use Save either on their smartphones or the Web version. With Save you can bookmark things such as places, links, TV shows, movies and music. If you want, you can also share what you have saves with FB friends and access it either on the Web or on your smartphone.

If you want to see the content that you have saved, you just have to click on the left hand side of the news feed but if you accessing it via your smartphone then you will need to click on the more tab.


Save - New Bookmarking Feature from Facebook


If you like to have everything organized not to worry since all of your items are going yo be very well organized in their respective categories, can be archived, opened and shared. Basically Facebook doesn´t want you to EVER leave the social network in order to have to save something for later and hence, this new feature. Enjoy!

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