Search Bing with Emojis

Forget typing since Bing now allows users to search by using Emojis.

When we want to search for something in our favorite search engine, we try to be careful that what we type is correctly spelled, so we get the best results. In today´s world, the less we have to type in order to save time, the better. That is why Emojis have become very popular and that is why Bing has decided to allow users to use them in their searches.


bing buscar emojis


The new Emoji feature on Bing is only available for English markets but hopefully it will be available worlwide soon. As you can see in the image, if you want more information on how great Fuji´s apple are, just add the Fuji emoji and the apple emoji and you are good to go.


Bing Emoji Search


Bing is definitely getting a head start with this new feature and you can bet that it will be a feature that everyone is going to enjoy. As soon as Bing announced its availability for other markets, we will let you know.

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