Secure Your Files with a Password with My Lockbox 3.6

When you Download My Lockbox 3.6 you get a straightforward software that secures your files with a password.

There is no doubt that privacy is something that is very important to us and that is why we go to great measures to protect it. If we share our computer with someone, the best thing to do is to protect our files with a password. A freeware you can use to password protect your files is My Lockbox 3.6 that available to download right now.

After you download My Lockbox 3.6 the first thing you will need to do is set a password so no one other than you can use the security software. The folder you click on is the one that is automatically hidden, but you can also see what the folder contains from the main application window.


How to lock files and folder with password


When another folder is added the first one you added is automatically taken out from the software´s secured areas. The downside to the software is that it is not possible to hide various folders simultaneously.

Remember to use the customization options such as integrating My Locbox to Internet Explorer´s context menu and you can even make the software lock your files after a certain idle time. User are also able to change the GUI skin, reconfigure keyboard shortcuts, activate sounds to play you lock and unlock your folders, create a list of trusted processes and change the program password.

Download My Lockbox 3.6

Like I mentioned before, My Lockbox 3.6 is completely free. Remember that when you download the security software. Your computer is going to have to meet some simple requirements such as having Windows XP, Vista, x64, 7 x32, 7 x64, WindServer and 8.

When you finally Download My Lockbox 3.6 from the companies official site (FSPro Labs), you will begin to enjoy the peace of mind that no one is able to access your personal files. Enjoy!

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