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Optimize and Clean your computer with Advanced SystemCare 7 Free.

We get so caught up with all the things we have to do on our computers that we sometimes forget that it needs cleaning and optimizing from time to time. Since times are tough, you are probably looking for a free cleaning and optimizing software and you have found one with Advanced SsystemCare 7 Free. This PC cleaning software has 3 accounts for you to choose from, first you have the free account that has the least amount of features available.

1Advanced SystemCare 7

Then there is the ASC Pro account that for US$20 for one year you can cover 3 PC´s. Then there is the ASC Ultimate that for US$30 for 1 year you can also cover 3 PC´s but this last account is obviously the account with the most features available.With the free Advanced SystemCare 7 ( account you get features such as Basic Protection from Security Threats, Basic System Optimization, Maximum Hard Drive Performance, Auto Clean for Privacy Security Whenever You Log On, and it also blocks Malicious Attempts to Access Your Personal Data.

The account that obviously has the maximum amount of features is the ASC Ultimate. It has quite a few performance, security and privacy features but lets mention a few. In the Privacy section we have features such as Auto Clean like the free account and bloks malicious attempts to access your data. In the Performance section we have features such as 300% Internet SpeedUp for top performance, Deep Windows Registry Clean, and over 20 smart tools for daily maintenance.

Security and optimizing software

In the Protection section, the security software features enhanced malware, trojan, virus and worm protection, blocks any file you are downloading or sharing that is infected and you can also enjoy confident security without it slowing down your PC.

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