Sega to Present New Sonic Game in February {Rumor}

Sonic fans are going to have a new game to enjoy next month but we have to wait to see what Sega says.

If you are a Sonic fan then these are definitely good news for you. Rumors have it that Sega is going to release a video teaser on February 2nd and announce the game around mid-February. We haven’t heard anything official from Sega but that is not going to stop the rumors from flowing. Those rumors say that the upcoming Sonic game is going to be available on Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC, and “Next gen” consoles.

As for the other versions, the source say that the console, PC and PS Vita versions are going to be the same aside from the graphical differences, while the 3DS version will be another Sonic Rush styled game. It has also been said that the console version of the Sonic game will be sticking with the recent formula we can see in the Sonic Unleashed (Daytime), Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations where gameplay in either full 3D or 2D. We are going to see multiple routes through a stage and this time we are going to have to have an incentive so we can get through them.

Each route in a stage is going to lead us to one of two or three exits at the end that take us to a different stage but we are always going to end up up at the same final stage. For now, the amount of stages that the game is going to have is unknown, but the developers are trying for a least 20 different stages, not including boss battles. When it comes to characters, we are going to start with Sonic and while we complete stages we will unlock other characters to play as but this doesn’t mean that we will have 20 characters to unlock.

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