Selfie Toaster

Forget about selfies with your smartphone, your selfie on toast is in now.

When we think of selfies, the first think we think is that we are going to need our phone for that but that is not the case with the Selfie Toaster. As you can see it is not a state of the art toaster but how many toasters can put your face on toast? Now you will be able to eat your face every single morning, literally.


Selfie Toaster


Burnt Impressions is the company behind this Selfie Toaster and in order for the toaster to reproduce your face on bread, you will need to send in an high resolution pic of you where your eyes are not half closed.

If our face is not clearly visible and our eyes are half closed, Burnt Impressions will cancel our order and return our money. When you get your toaster your selfie will appear in front of the toaster as you can see in the above image, just in case your forget what picture you sent in.

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