Selphee – Selfie App that Combines Your Picture and a Video

Selfies will never be the same after this app since it combines your selfie pic with a selfie video.

If you ever felt that you just couldn´t express all you wanted to in just one seflie pic, then you should give Selphee a try. But, What make Selphee different from all the other Selfie Apps on the Android and iOS market? Well, Selphee is different because it is a mix of Instagram, Snapchat and Vine in just one app.


Selphee - Aplicación Móvil para Tomar Selfies con Foto y Vídeo Juntos


There is not much to the app but to get started you will need to take a selfie and then decide how long you want that pic displayed. Just like Vine you will need to hold down the record button if you just want to record one continuous clip or put together a series of clips.



Selphee also offers its users optional effects and frames to beauty up you selfie cover pic. You can choose betwen speech buble, heart shaped frames, World Cup 2014 frames, Etc.Go ahead and get started!

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