Shadow – The App that Will Help us Record our Dreams

Shadow us receiving funds in Kickstarter so it can be the largest dream database, What exactly does it do?

I once had a dream where I was in the middle of nowhere. All I could see was grass that went on for miles and miles. Then a little girl appeared and she was crying, so I went over to where she was and hugged her. Then I look behind me and a huge wave is headed right for us and what makes this wave weird was that it was surrounded by fire, go figure. The only thing we could do was run but like most dreams, it doesn´t seem to matter how fast you run, you don´t get very far. I had this dream a few years ago bu if you ask me what I dreamed last last, I have no idea.

For some reason there are dreams that we never forget and some that we forget but if dreams are important to you and you want to remember them all, then Shadow might be the app you are looking for. For now Shadow is an app that is receiving funds in Kickstarter in order to become official and its creator Hunter Lee Soik, hope that they reach the goal. Basically, Shadow is an alarm clock that will gradually wak you up with the help of escalating alarms. After you have hit the snooze button. the app is going to encourage you to record what you remember of you dream and you can do so bu typing it in or speaking.

Once that is done Shadow will upload all of you into into your private dream journal that will analyze and visualize your long term dream patterns.  By doing that, it hope it can give you a better understanding of what you dreams mean.  You can choose to keep your dreams private or make the public. If you want to share, your dreams will be put into an anonymous data cloud and then what the app does is that it uses a natural language processing algorithms and keyword recognition from you dream in order to identify global patterns.Click here to help Shadow collect funds.

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