Share Docs, Drawings and Slides Without the Recipient Signing In – New Google Apps Feature

Today, Google has announced that we can share Slides, Docs, and Drawings without signing into our accounts.

Today is a good day for Google users since it was announced that recipients don´t have to sign into their Google accounts if they want to view a file. Recipients don´t have create an account if they don´t have one and this is definitely a gppd thing for Google Apps customers that share files outside of their domain. The recipient will be able to view a document without taking any extra steps even if he or she does not have an Email addy that is linked to an existing Google account. If we were to send a file with edit and comments permissions, the person receiving is going to have to sign in with a Google Account if he or she wants to edit or comment on that file. Basically, signing in is not something we have to do if the file that is directly shared with someone but does not come with any other requirements.

Anyone will be able to see the file since signing in is not requiered but only if they get their hands on the sharing link. If you want to limit the file, the person you shared the file with creates a Google account and expends the invitation. When the person decides to create a Google account there are 2 things that are going to happen. First, you will notice that the sharing link is not going to work for new users to access the file and the we will see how the sharing dialog is going to let us know that the invitation has been used up. Second, Anyone who accessed the file and did so by using the link while it was open and signed in using a Google Account is going to be included in the sharing access list for that file and is going to continue to have access.

If you are a user with permissions to change sharing setting, you will be able to revoke this access if that is what you want to do. Not to worry if you are a Google Apps admin since you will be able to prevent this type of behavior in the Admin console by disabling sharing outside the domain to people that are not using a Google account.

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