Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh – First Android Clamshell Phone

Sharp will son release their first Android based Phone in the form of a clamshell handset, the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh.

Who doesn’t like to be the first in something? Well, this time it is Sharp with their Aquos Hybrid 007sh that has been the first with Android 2.3 but on a clamshell phone instead of the typical smartphone design. As you can see that the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh has a great and elegant style for a smartphone trapped in a clamshell’s body.

Specifications and Pricing for the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh

Pricing for the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh is not known for know  but it is known that its specifications include a 3.4 Inch 3D ready display, a 3D TV tuner, a great 16MP rear cam, front facing camera, 1 GHz second gen Snapdragon, and Dropbox and Qik apps pre-installed.

Release date for the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh

The Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh (first clamshell phone with Android)  is going to first be available in Japan around mid-June and then possibly world-wide even though no word has come from Sharp regarding the world-wide release of the Aquos Hybrid 007sh. I don’t know if it is just me but I don’t see this phone having much of future design wise but the specs that are known so far are great.


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