Sharp AQUOS Phone IS14SH Phone

Sharp presents their latest creation, their Gingerbread phone, the Sharp AQUOS Phone IS14SH Phone.

Ever thought of trying a phone with Android Gingerbread and still be able to use physical number buttons to make a call? Sounds weird but that is what owners of the Sharp AQUOS Phone IS14SH Phone are going to be able to do.

I have to admit that the new Sharp phone does have a very elegant design and with that great design you can go ahead and add specs such as a 3.7-inch qHD LCD display, and an 8MP CMOS camera with 720p HD video capture. NFC is also along for the ride, and a slide-out numeric keypad, which is still popular in Japan.

Sharp AQUOS Phone IS14SH Phone

Not every single detail on the Gingerbread phone is available but we do know tha it also features a 1030mAh battery, and it’s bringing 512MB of RAM to the table as well. No word on what processor it is going to use but Sharp will eventually release that information along with its pricing and release date. The Sharp AQUOS Phone IS14SH Phone is only going to be available in Japan and I guess we will see in the future if there are plans to release it stateside.

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