Most Shocking Pictures of the Polar Vortex in Canada and United States

See the most impressive pictures of the polar vortex that has hit the USA and Canada.

We have all heard how bad the US and Canada are being hit with this polar vortex. Unless we live in those states, we can´t imagine how those residents are suffering. If frostbite starts at -19F, imagine the damage the -50 degrees are causing. Residents have been advised to stay indoors are not go outside, not even for a minute and traveling has been banned.

Hopefully this extreme weather will pass soon and those states can have a normal Winter. We have all seen normal Winter pictures where they are mountains of snow but it usually doesn´t go any further than that but the pictures that the Polar Vortex has left us look like they have been taken out from the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

There is obviously nothing funny about this extreme weather but I did read about something funny regarding this weather. It was about a prisoner (can´t remember from what prison) that escaped from the prison he was being held in but returned shortly after to the prison because it was too cold outside. Looks like this escapee chose a bad time to plan his escape.

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