Skype closes the accounts linked with Facebook

forces from morning to users who have an account linked to Facebook to create a Microsoft, independent of the social network if you do not want to lose their contacts and conversations. From the day 9 of January, the platform as a video will not allow users to access with this type of account, you will need a Microsoft.

Skype brings warnings from November of last year, but it will be after January 9, when let give support to this type of account

The company establishes as well that comes the warning from November: the new version of the program will not open the session by other means. Or Windows 10, or the mobile versions for iOS and Android. Skype has not given more information of the reason of its change and of the unexpected veto of a system that was intended to expedite and facilitate the connection to the platform.

From the page intended to provide technical support to the affected users, Skype warns that you will lose the credit and will be refunded if before tomorrow morning we have not opened a new account. The change of account is fairly simple, and allows that we import both contacts as a credit or conversations. That same website indicates that the intention is to get that, with a single account, we can have access to all the contents of Microsoft.

On the other hand, this forces users of Skype to open an account with Microsoft, something that they could choose not to do the option of Facebook still in force. Thus, the company ensures an increase in the number of users, though of indeterminate form, because there is at least public data on the users exact affected by the change. The message that leaves the users who must change, says so:

We apologize for the interruption. From January 2018, you will need a Microsoft account to sign in. Not be able to log on with a account of Facebook. You have to do is follow these instructions to make the transfer to a new account“.

Skype account with more than a billion downloads from Google Play, so its popularity is assured of all modes; however, some user clueless will find that, from the 9 of January, his account is disabled. In that case, you’ll just have to start from zero.

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