Skype User Interface for Mac and Windows 8 to Get new Design

It´s official, the user interface for Skype on Mac and Windows 8 will soon get a new design.

We all get bored of the design an app we use has after we see it over and over again and I don´t think that Skype users are any different. That is why Skype has already announced that they soon will be changing the user interface and give it a more modern and cleaner look. This is definitely something that is going to make Skype user very happy.


Skype for Windows 8 and other OS have already received new features but looks like the user interface had been forgotten. Features such as being able to add more contacts from the Pople page and also being able to turn off audio notifications we added but now it is the user interface´s turn for something new.

Nuevo diseño para Skype Windows 8 y Mac

Skype has already been testing the new design with a small group of users and the new user interface design will have a more modern and cleaner look. For now there is no exact date as to when the new design will arrive but it is going to be soon. Did you think it was time for a change?

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